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Fresh seeding and Over-seeding. Start a new lawn with seed and enjoy a lush green lawn in a matter of weeks. Over-seed if your lawn needs more “pop” or is thinning out or has bald spots. Seeding is a lot more than just throwing seed on the lawn. Just throwing seed on the lawn is great for the birds (who will have a feast) but is just throwing money away.  Use a proper seeding rake to scratch the surface up and loosen the soil so seed can bury itself when you rake it over. Or call us and we can cover a large area with professional seeding machines which cut slots in the earth, plant the seeds, and covers  the seeds back up. “Sorry birds - these seeds are for growing not eating.”

Before After- Re-seeding

                    Re-seeded                                                           Not Re-seeded

Just Re-seeded

Just after Re-seeding

What a great time to spread a little fresh Top Soil!!!!

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Complete Lawn Cutting and Lanscape Services in Toms River and surounding areas.