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Grass Cutting

Grass cutting is one of those weekly chores that simply cannot be left undone. Everyone loves the look of a neatly cut lawn. But not too many people enjoy doing all the work it takes to do it, and especially do it right. Then of course there’s the maintenance on your mower or lawn tractor. The gas, the oil, the blades, the tuneups, filters, parts, etc... Plus all your time.. Why not let Magic Touch Landscaping do the lawn work for you, so you can enjoy your lawn, instead of working your lawn.

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Cutting lawn grass in Toms River NJ

Why Magic Touch lawns just look better.

Our powerful professional lawn cutting machines are specially designed to cut your grass with the least amount of  “cutting shock” to your lawn. Normal homeowner riding mowers have their cutting decks mounted directly under the driver and between the front and rear wheels resulting in your mower crushing the grass first with the front tractor wheels before the blades can cut the grass. This often results in an uneven cut and stressed out grass.  Professional mowers have the majority of the weight of the machine and driver “behind” the blades so the grass gets cut first before the weight of the machine and driver roll over the shortened grass, which pops right back up.  Additionally, we are always cutting with a “sharp” blade. Cutting with dull blades rips the grass instead of cutting it, resulting in brown tops and inviting lawn disease. When was the last time you changed or sharpened your blades?   Another benefit of our high speed cutting decks is that the grass clipping are pulverized and returned to the lawn surface to decompose into fresh fertilizer for the grass. If you prefer we can vac it and bag it as we cut and take the clippings away. Reusing the clippings is better for you, the environment, and your lawn, but it’s up to you.

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