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De-thatching Service

Why does one lawn look great and another one look unhealthy or just bland but both receive the same amount of water and fertilizer?  The answer often is De-thatching and Aerating, two of the most important things that allow a lawn to breath and allow nutrients from fertilizer to get to the roots instead of running off into the street after a rain or watering.

Thatch is a build up of organic matter in the first inch or so of soil above the grass roots. It often gets intertwined with itself and creates a mat that will not allow water or air to enter the soil.  Breaking up and removing the thatch not only allows the ground to breath but  together with core aerating will allow for excellent drainage of an are after a heavy rain.

After you de-thatch a lawn it usually immediately seems brighter because all the dead organic matter has been removed.

Before After Dethatching 3
Before After Dethatching 2
Before and After Dethatching

Greener, healthier lawn awaits you after de-thatching.

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