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Aeration and De-thatching go hand in hand in keeping your lawn health by keeping soil free and clear of organic buildup and compaction. A lawn like all plants and animals MUST be able to breath and needs water to survive and thrive. If the roots are blocked the lawn cannot drink water or gather food via it’s roots.

Plugs from Lawn Aerator in Toms River

Here are some signs that it could be time to aerate your lawn:

1. You have visually compacted areas. This could be beside the drive way, areas off the side walk or areas from the pets or children playing.

2. Your lawn looks thin. If your lawn is thinning and you can't find the cause-such as too much shade or not enough watering- the soil may be compacted.

3. If fertilizing isn't doing much good. Fertilizer is unable to reach the roots if the lawn is too compacted.

4. You have a lot of runoff or pooling of water Compacted soil cannot absorb water very well.


Left: Suffocated and starved.               Right: Absorbing Food, water and air.

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